Southeastern Animal Control Association

 Animal Control Training and Conference 

Pre-Conference Class
 (Included with Conference Price or one day class)

July 17, 2018        8 am to 5 pm (doors open at 7:30 for check in)

Instructor:  Kevin Hearst

Crime Scene Evidence Collection and Preservation

We will have 3 mock crime scenes for a hands on experience!

Conference July 18 thru July 20, 2018 
 8 am to 5 pm on Wednesday and Thursday 
8 am to Noon on Friday
(doors open at 7:30 for check in)

Wednesday - July 18

Zoonotic Diseases - presented by Dr. Bruce
Rabies:  What to know and what to do - presented by State of Georgia Dept of Health
From Crime Scene to the Courtroom: Practical Tips  Presented by Jessica Rock 
The Emotional Impact of the Animal Care and Control Profession - presented by CherylAnn Fernandes (description below)
Microchipping 101 - presented by CherylAnn Fernandes  (description below)

Thursday - July 19 and Friday July 20

Please join our featured speaker -  James W. Crosby M.S. CBCC-KA as he educates us on:
Bite Classifications, Dog Body Language, Potential/Dangerous Dogs, Investigation of Serious/Fatal Attacks and so much more!

Also - Thursday July 19

SACA will have the Awards Luncheon 

Course Descriptions provided by speakers:

The Emotional Impact of the Animal Care & Control Profession

We’ve come a long way with spay/neuter, open adoptions, foster programs, microchipping and TNR. We get better at sharing information and collecting statistics that improve our ability to help. Reducing euthanasia. Returning pets to and keeping them in their forever homes. Keeping feral animals healthy and balanced in their environments. Doing more with less. But the recipe seems to be one that leads to the inevitable burnout. How to we turn that daily dedication and emotional exhaustion of ‘never enough’, into healthy sustainability? This interactive Q & A class will include current self-care strategies and suggestions that can help both individuals and teams stay sane, positive, focused and successful. This session will take you beyond the ‘routine’ and turn fatigue into satisfaction. Come prepared to have some fun! (approx. 90min)

Learning Objectives:

- Discuss the history of animal control

- Recognize early warning signs of compassion fatigue

- Apply innovations to reduce stress in shelter environments

- Learn strategies to embrace change and create resilience

- Supply self-care strategies to our day-to-day duties to reduce stress in shelter environments

Microchipping 101

Most of us in the animal care field know the basic functions of how microchips work. Scan a dog, get the chip number, look to see what company it is registered to, call the company, get the current (or so you hope) pet owner info and get the dog back home, safe and sound. Microchipping has become a standard practice for many adoption programs and veterinary clinics as a means to reunite lost pets with their owners. But what about the abundance of additional benefits this tiny passive identifying integrated circuit type device, barely the size of a grain of rice can do to support shelter and rescue programs?

Learning Objectives-

✓ Review opportunities to use the technology to benefit your facility

✓ Discuss the benefits of microchipping and proper scanning

✓ Help decode the ever-evolving world of universal vs non-universal

✓ Showcase the newest technology

✓ Unravel the mysteries of registrations