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Field Consideration for Euthanasia


Friday Speaker Dr. Rebecca (Gimenez) Husted - Field Considerations for Euthanasia, Anatomy and Physiology of Equines Relevant to ACO Investigations *** This day is included with conference or sold as separate event.



This course will be LIVE HANDS ON euthanasia with euthanasia solution by a veterinarian of a horse with medical issues that has been donated for the purpose of education. After the animal is confirmed dead, techniques for field euthanasia will be demonstrated. At that point, a full field necropsy of the horse will be led by Dr. Rebecca Husted allowing attendees to get involved - discussing anatomy and physiology of the animal, looking for any gross pathologies, and demonstrating unique learning points that may allow investigators to better understand what is occurring in starvation, neglect and abuse cases.

BRING A CHANGE OF CLOTHES - plastic gloves will be provided. Students are invited to get involved in the necropsy and learn by touching and actually cutting.


Certificate for this day presented by Dr. Rebecca Husted, GACA and SACA

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