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Conference Etiquette

The Southeastern Animal Control Association Training Conference is a venue meant to raise the training standards and promote more opportunities within the animal control profession.  The participants in this conference are representing animal control; therefore, the Southeastern Animal Control Association requests that you follow these etiquette guidelines:

1. PLEASE dress comfortably but appropriately.  Offensive or negative logos are not permitted.

2. Silence or turn off all personal communication devices, including cellular phones, pagers or other electronic items that will disrupt instructors or other attendees.

3. Camera flashes should be kept to a minimum.

4. No talking during instructional periods.  Exceptions include question and answer periods or other interactive training methods.  If you must disagree, do so respectfully.

5. Help by cleaning up after yourself.  Be a good team member by policing all areas to help others.  Please place all trash in the appropriate trash receptacles.

6. Treat all hotel staff with respect and courtesy. Please abide by all hotel rules and policies.

7. Please drink responsibly, remember that YOU represent our profession, your agency, and our conference!

8. Always use the highest standards of ethics and behavior as representatives of the animal control profession 

   (SACA Code of Conduct).

9. Weapons should not be worn during instructional periods unless mandated by your local jurisdiction policy or procedure.

10. Inappropriate behavior may result in expulsion from a class and/or the conference in addition to loss of credit hours.

Thank You!

~Southeastern Animal Control Association

Providing a united voice for Animal Care and Control Professionals throughout the Southeast.