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Each year SACA presents awards to individuals or organizations that have shown dedication to the Animal Control Profession and to the animals we all help. Please nominate someone or some organization to receive one of the awards listed below. Each winner will receive one scholarship to attend the training conference (does not include travel or hotel expense).  Winners are chosen by a review and voted on by the Board Members so please submit someone today!

Animal Control Officer of the Year:   This award will be given to an ACO who has done great work in their field.   It could be a lifetime of accomplishments, one single accomplishment or just that they are dedicated and hard working individual that deserves a shout out.   

Agency or Rescue of the Year:   This award will be given to an Agency or Rescue that has done a great job helping the animals in their community. 

President's Award:   This award is given out by the President of SACA.   It can be given to anyone that has helped an animal, an officer or an organization.   The President will make the determination from the submitted applications and present the award at the Conference.

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